Calathar is a world of magic, conflict, espionage and inter-dimensional drama. On the continent of Marlek, actively warring nations bring conflict and strife down on the countryside, as corrupt royalty stands to gain land and wealth. Alliances are continually made, broken and sabotaged by outside forces in order to keep the war living and the commoners fearful for their families and their lives.

The current year is 1201, V.A. (Valde Aterro – Great Waste in Common). On the first day of the new century, the gods handed down their unanimous condemnation of the eternal warring between the nations of Marlek, completely destroying the country of Ganham and in the process creating what is now simply known as the Great Waste. This single divine act has created near-universal fear for the citizens and commoners of all the remaining nations, while certain evil sects seek to bring complete destruction to the world, satiating their gods and guaranteeing their rewards from them.

Many of the wise have begun examining the heavens in search of portents or omens of the next cataclysm, while commoners huddle in temples mouthing prayers to their gods in hopes that perhaps they will be spared. The land needs heroes, before the few points of light remaining of civilization is swallowed by the coming darkness…

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